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I’m sorry it’s been a while. We haven’t spoken for ten years. But let’s focus on the bright side. I have so much to share with you. I quit my prestigious job and left the office nine-to-five routine behind. I have written and self-published three books. The road to self-publishing has been bumpy. And it... Continue Reading →

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“Bound” by Kat Kinney

I love the Caldwells! They are now officially one of my favourite fictional families of all time. I am absolutely spellbound by their interpersonal dynamics and relationships with those who come into their circle. And the food! Yes, I applaud the author for making the tastes and flavours of Texas a part of her books’... Continue Reading →

“Rum” by Naomi Jessica Rose

The author has created a mesmerising fantastical world, where people with magical powers treat them as something ordinary. Reading this book was the purest form of escapism, the characters’ worries and dreams being far from our everyday concerns. At the same time, every character represents a particular type of person we can easily meet nowadays.... Continue Reading →

“Saying Goodbye Forever” by H. Pearce

Grief comes in many forms. You can grieve over something you have lost. And you can also grieve over something you’ve never had. “Saying Goodbye Forever” by H. Pearce follows Gemma’s path through her grief over losing her husband. Neither did her marriage resemble a fairy tale, nor was Jack a perfect husband. Still, it is... Continue Reading →

“Crave” by Kat Kinney

“Everyone is good at something. The trick in life was figuring out what your something was.” Dallas Caldwell has figured out what he is not simply good but unequalled at. Kitchen is his podium and grill is his magic wand. He doesn’t simply cook. He creates masterpieces, the citizens not only of Blood Moon –... Continue Reading →

“Broken” by Ivy Logan

Is magic a gift or a curse? Do your roots define you? Is there anything more powerful than a prophecy made by ancient spirits? “Broken” by Ivy Logan provides answers to all these questions, leaving readers with more to muse about. From the first pages, you get immersed in a world so unlike our own... Continue Reading →

Overcoming my fears

What a ride it turned out to be! It was a unique - and extremely unnerving! - experience to be a guest at Page Chewing and talk about my writing journey. During almost two hours of conversation with lovely Taylor (Maed Between the Pages) and P.L. Stuart, we’ve managed to discuss different topics, including the nature of humanity... Continue Reading →

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