What happens after happily ever after?

For Tauria, romance turns into drama. You have a chance to know how and why it happens this way for less than $3 (or equivalent in other currencies on Amazon marketplaces worldwide). All ebooks of the Neglected Merge fantasy romance & drama trilogy are now available for 0.99 only. What if two realities of Earth... Continue Reading →

Nothing better than a book talk

Talking about books and writing is always a delightful experience. I really should do it more often. I'd like to thank DJ Bowman-Smith for inviting me to her podcast. Our chat made me think about the things we don't usually have time to stop and think about. Being an indie author is one wild journey.... Continue Reading →

An Extended 0.99 Book Sale

Every indie author knows that book marketing is hard. Time-consuming. Enthusiasm-dampening. So, while working on my current book, I decided to do an extended price drop for all my books. Kindle deals are available only for US and UK marketplaces. But I don't want to be limited by either time or geography. I also don't... Continue Reading →

“The Accidental Cop” is out now!

Grab your copy for only 0.99 or read for free with Kindle Unlimited. Set in Latvia at the end of the first post-Soviet decade, “The Accidental Cop” is a blend of noir crime and police procedural with psychological suspense elements. Youth is supposed to be the best time of your life. But if you enter adulthood during the savage... Continue Reading →

My new book

Savage 90s. In Latvia, many remember the first post-Soviet decade as the craziest time of their lives. Some managed to grab the chances to start making money through all kinds of illegal schemes. Not all of them got away with it. Still, those who did climbed even higher. By the arrival of the new millennium,... Continue Reading →

What readers say about “Finding Your Way”

Reviews are a balm for the author's heart. I'd like to share some of them with you. “a love letter to Latvia” “an utterly captivating read which I demolished in three sittings” “wonderful characters, and a sprinkling of magical realism” “both uplifting and heartwarming” “a summer of growing up, change, chance, and challenge” “written in... Continue Reading →

What upsets an indie author

Million of things really. Lack of sales, reviews, and support from friends and family. Also, bad reviews and low engagement on social media. The disbalance between the time and effort you put in and the results you get. And indie author’s journey is many things but a walk in the park it is not. As... Continue Reading →

You can’t call yourself a writer

A friend told me that unless I earn a living from my books I can’t call myself a writer. It wasn’t the first time I get derogatory remarks about my writing, but I guess suppressed emotions have accumulated. So, this time, I decided to ask the Writing Community on Twitter what their reaction to such... Continue Reading →

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