“Two Paths” by J.G. MacLeod

“Two Paths” is the second book of the historical romance trilogy “The Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu” by J.G. MacLeod. I have read all three books, and I can say that Lady Ellen is one of those book characters that become iconic, impersonating the traits of not only one person but of the whole class.... Continue Reading →

“Lady Ellen” by J.G. MacLeod

I started reading the historical romance trilogy “Adventures of Lady Ellen Montagu” by J.G. MacLeod from the last book, “New London”. I loved the setting – the 19th century Canada – and I was intrigued by the characters' relationship dynamics and references to the setting of the previous two books. I knew even before I finished... Continue Reading →

“Captive Hearts” by Kelly Miller

“Captive Hearts” by Kelly Miller is an absolutely delightful “Persuasion” variation. In my opinion, among the author’s books “Captive Hearts” is the book that Jane Austen could have written herself. While reading, I was enchanted by the elegance of writing style, and I virtually could feel the stiffness of societal rules of that period. Kelly... Continue Reading →

“New London” by J.G. MacLeod

It’s not my usual reading style to start reading from the last page of the book, neither do I have a habit to begin reading series from the final instalment. Still, I don’t regret that my acquaintance with Lady Ellen has started in this manner. First, I felt more intrigued while trying to untangle the... Continue Reading →

“Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller

An absolutely delightful “Pride and Prejudice” variation, which will please both classical Jane Austen fans and those readers who prefer a more modern twist to a story. “Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller is an alternative version of how Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy fell in love. We get the charming setting of rural, aristocratic... Continue Reading →

“A Consuming Love” by Kelly Miller

What an absolutely charming book! I finished reading it a few days ago, but a dreamy smile still appears on my face whenever I think about it.To be honest, I was a little cautious to read one of my favourite book’s variations. I had a rather disappointing experience with reading “Sense and Sensibility” modern adaptation... Continue Reading →

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