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The Neglected Merge trilogy

Fantasy Romance / Drama

There aren’t any magical elements or creatures in the Neglected Merge fantasy saga. No vampires, fairies, or mages. The Neglected Merge trilogy is about the ways the world we live in could evolve if it was almost shattered by an apocalyptic event. It is about the paths we take – as nations and as individuals. And the wings mark the differences between people that often separate them both physically and in their minds.

Join the two nations – the Wingless and the Winged Ones – on the road to finding common ground. Join the royalty of the Winged Ones in their journey of exploring the world of passions they have been taught to despise. Imagine the utopian lifestyle of the Wingless full of pleasure and easiness, designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Meet those who have found themselves unsatisfied and restless while everyone around them seems to be accepting the general course as a gift. How long does it take to change the world? And in the end, who will be the victim and who will enjoy a happy ending?

The Chinese proverb says: “When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.”

What will the people of two worlds, so utterly different and at the same time so similar, choose?

Book One

“Neglected Merge” is an inspirational thought-provoking futuristic romance novel. The story of fated lovers developed against a backdrop of a new post-apocalyptic world painted in bright tones. A fortuitous meeting of Tauria, an independent woman living in one utopian-style world, and Doron from the high society of the other world, is destined to be the new beginning for both worlds.

Tauria, aged 32, lives in a society that seems to believe that happiness is a universal concept. People, who had survived the near-apocalyptic experience, have built a whole new world full of pleasure and easiness. It is designed to make everyone feel happy every minute of their lives. Work brings satisfaction, hobbies are encouraged, relationships are supposed to bring out only positive emotions. Does it matter that things that don’t fit into the general happy pattern get discarded and disappear? Things like friendship and commitment. Things like true love. It is supposed to be enough with lightness and never-ending joy.

But there are two worlds now. They are forced to exist side by side. Can they find a way to live together?

“Neglected Merge” has won several literary awards:

  • Silver Medal in the 2021 Global Book Awards in the Science Fiction / Fantasy category;
  • Finalist in the 2021 Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Contest in the Fantasy General category;
  • Honorable Mention in the 2021 Royal Dragonfly Book Awards in the Science Fiction/Fantasy category


“The novel is much deeper than it may seem at first sight. In the background of the main beautifully written story, a reader can dive into wise and profound musings, challenging questions, and captivating theories of world development.”

“The storyline revolves around true romance, and the fiction sways with social issues, politics, and inequality.”

“This story is engaging and it soon gets the reader involved. In addition to this, the author created an amazing set of characters, very well-developed, put into an intricate narrative structure leading to an amazing story line.”

“From the excellent world-building and details of the ‘merge’, to the moving and heartfelt love story, this book takes the reader on a journey of discovery and emotion.”

“Koguce has a distinct writing voice, which I loved. The characters are well developed and relatable—and of course, the Romeo and Juliette type romance between Tauria and Doron is captivating.” 

“Romance is central to the book, and it is exceptionally well-executed. There are unexpected liaisons, surprise relationships, and passionate encounters that fans of the genre will adore. On the dystopian fantasy side, along with the excellent world-building, the political intrigue, and negotiations that take place between different elements of society, are extremely compelling. It feels like one has a coveted, bird’s eye view, eavesdropping on high level diplomatic meetings at the modern-day United Nations.” 

I absolutely loved reading ‘Neglected Merge’. This is a slow-paced story that gave me the similar vibes as classic literature.

Book Two

“Tangle of Choices” is a futuristic fantasy drama novel.

The two different worlds have made the first diplomatic steps towards each other, but at the same time, they keep aloof from closer emotional and personal involvement.

Tauria is the only person who is a part of both worlds now. 

Harsh circumstances force Tauria to face difficult choices. They lead to personal drama which mercilessly pierces right through her established life. Tauria, guided by a sense of duty to people whose fate depends on her decision, risks her love and family life. Her husband Doron, despite being a person endowed with power as the future Ruler, cannot help his wife and share her burden. 

Tauria, in pursuit of a noble purpose to keep their serene lifestyle intact, hurts those who are important to her, testing her friendships, marriage and own sanity to the very core.

Will her choice turn out to be the right one? Will the fact that the sacrifice is justified be sufficient consolation when the whole extent of the damage becomes evident? As part of her crusade against hostility aimed to destroy the carefree lifestyle of both worlds, Tauria is forced to cooperate with an aggressor. Tauria faces the unknown, and the discoveries she makes change her view of the world.


“”Tangle of Choices” should also go on to garner writing awards, as Koguce continues her outstanding work, creating highly believable and fascinating characters, crafting compelling stories full of emotion and heart, and spinning prose in an elegant and very unique style that I have come to adore. “Tangle of Choices” is beautifully written, full of heartfelt moments, temptation, passion, intrigue, unrequited love, and tension.”

“This was a beautiful and compelling story of love, duty, and sacrifice!”

“This is one of the most beautifully written fantasy novels I’ve recently read. The world-building is so cleverly thought that sometimes you can lose a sense of reality and believe that you are an honored member of the diplomatic mission of the Winged ones. The book is full of heartbreaking moments depicted so thoroughly that I needed a handkerchief to wipe tears. Many perilous episodes made my heart gallop and worry about the main characters.”

“I enjoyed the vivid, detailed setting, developed conflicts, and of course, realistic characters. I would recommend this story to readers who like exploring moral values and possible scenario of future for our civilization.”

“The author continues to write beautifully, creating a vivid image in readers minds and almost feeling the emotions of the characters. The moral undertones and ethical messages are thought provoking and enticing. Eve Koguce is powerful author who’s impact is great, yet feels so natural in the written form.
Fantasy isn’t my usual genre, only the best make my reading list. Eve Koguce is most definitely one of the best!”

Book Three

“Shifting Directions” is a final instalment of the Neglected Merge trilogy. It is a fantasy futuristic drama with thriller elements.

The Wingless and the Winged Ones make progress on their way to convergence. But the progress is slow. They seek common ground and find it, involving people from both sides of the border in political and everyday activities.

It is never easy to be growing up in times of big changes. “Shifting Directions” is a coming-of-age journey of one of the most likeable characters readers meet in the second book “Tangle of Choices”.

One person is trying to shake the foundations of equilibrium, having not found a way to enjoy the obvious benefits of society. He manages to attract attention. How far is he ready to go in his quest for the truth as he sees it? And who is he ready to hurt? Maybe this is just an innocent youthful protest out of hooligan motives. But maybe it will escalate into serious threats to innocent people’s life and health. Should someone interfere until it is too late?

The dilemma of resolving the situation so that no one gets hurt is often doomed to failure.

Who will be the victim and who will enjoy a happy ending?

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