“Intermezzo” by Kimberly Greer

What a deliciously exciting return to the lives of Alexa and Mateo! Reading the prequel made me remember how much I enjoyed their intricate dance toward love in “Masked Intent”. “Intermezzo” by Kimberly Greer gives the reader a glimpse at how the spark between Alexa and Mateo was ignited. The attraction is instant, and their... Continue Reading →

“Timepiece” by Barbara Avon

Can you trick Time? What if magic existed and people could manipulate time as they pleased to suit their needs? Would it solve their problems? Barbara Avon gives answers to these questions. And the essence of these answers is that no matter where – or to when – one goes, one can’t escape their own... Continue Reading →

“Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran

What a lovely, cosy, and heart-warming read it was! Just what I needed at the time when everyday routine seemed to have turned into an obstacle course. “Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran is a perfect romance novel to enjoy before bedtime or on a lazy afternoon. Wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, make some... Continue Reading →

“Firefly Lane” by Kristin Hannah

I don’t like writing reviews of books I have mixed feelings about. First, I realise that my opinion is subjective. Second, I don’t believe that sharing a not-so-favourable opinion does anything good to the world on a global scale. I loved “The Great Alone” by Kristin Hannah. It is the book I’ll most likely reread... Continue Reading →

“Ellie’s Albatross” by Ron Prasad

Nowadays, tolerance is a trend. We are taught to accept whatever differences there exist between people and adapt our behaviour to fit everyone’s needs. But have we learnt to accept chronic illnesses as something that changes a sick’s person life completely and irrevocably? Or do we still expect these people to adapt to a lifestyle... Continue Reading →

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