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Hi, I’m Eve, and I am in love with books.

I’ve been in love with books for as long as I remember myself. The typewriter my first attempts at writing had been made at still sits proudly on its shelf in the basement, and when I go down there, I always have an urge to save it from its exile.

I’ve always been writing something. Diaries, letters, poems, short stories. I’d even attempted to write a novel a couple of times when I was about thirteen. Still, there was always something more important than my writing. There was always “real life” reminding me of its undeniable claims. “You have to study, you have to work, there is no place for fruitless dreaming,” it whispered. And I moved forward as if running on rails I couldn’t step down from.

I’d spent fifteen years, trying to fit into the office work pattern. Do you remember Kevin Kline in the “In & Out” movie – “men do not dance”? Well, that used to be my philosophy – real people don’t write books. They work, they build careers, they travel through the corporate jungle. And despite I was feeling miserable and out of place every day of that climbing the ladder process, I managed to build a relatively successful career after an ambitious shift from the private to the public sector. The job I had wasn’t boring. It was actually pretty exciting. I worked with internationally funded projects and met people from all over the world every day. But it failed to ignite a spark in my heart.

It was when I’d achieved everything my sensible whisperer had pushed me to achieve that a Winged One man with impossibly black wings crashed through an open window on the 55th floor. The scene was startlingly vivid, and the Winged One man started talking at once. I couldn’t stop the story from unfolding further in my head. And so it began, my long way back to my true self. To a person who writes.

After my son was born, I had a unique chance to stop and rethink not only what I’d achieved so far, but what I really want from life. I made a decision to leave my old life behind, and I’ve never regretted it. Changes in the daily routine led naturally to changes in my way of thinking. I finally allowed myself to be who I really was.

I was always a bookish person. Books helped me to go through thick and thin. After a couple of years that I spent living in South West England, I came home dragging a huge luggage bag full of books I’d bought there. Books were my anchor when my world wasn’t an easy place to live in. Books taught me to overcome losses and difficulties. I had a story to tell, and I finally allowed myself to tell it.

Publishing the first book of the Neglected Merge trilogy“Neglected Merge” – was a kind of experiment. I didn’t know if it would find its reader. Surprisingly – and so exhilaratingly! – the story received a warm welcome. My gratitude to everyone, who read it and connected with my characters, is endless.

The Neglected Merge trilogy is a mix of fantasy futuristic romance and drama set in a utopian-style world. It explores the challenges of universal happiness rather than those hardships we envisage to befall us after some kind of an apocalyptic event. Limitations are always suffocating, even if they’re intended to limit your choices to make yourself miserable.

My return to my true self as an author has given me so much. Strength and energy. My writing has given me back the faith that everything – okay, not everything but at least something – will be fine. And if reading my books people will feel even the tiniest spark – out of the all-encompassing, roaring fire that ignited my heart back to life – I’ll be the happiest creature on Earth.

I warmly welcome everyone who loves books and reading to my online Book Diary. I won’t teach you how to become a writer, nor will I promise to show you the path to success in the world of independent publishing. I’m a beginner on that road myself. What I can promise you is to share my thoughts about books I read and write in the sincerest way possible.

In my blog, I’ll share with you the ups and downs of my writing and publishing journey, and since I read a lot, I’ll tell you about the books I’ve read. I don’t write long, detailed reviews. I believe that all the practical information can be found on a book/author page. Instead, I write about the thoughts a book evoked and the associations a story stirred up in my mind.

I also welcome you to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. I’d been writing letters at times when it meant doing it with a pen and paper. I always felt the need to exchange my thoughts with others. I promise not to bore you with meaningless things for the sake of sending you something. I’ll share stories about interesting places in Latvia I love visiting, as well as book updates.

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I hope we will enjoy this journey together!

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