You can’t call yourself a writer

A friend told me that unless I earn a living from my books I can’t call myself a writer. It wasn’t the first time I get derogatory remarks about my writing, but I guess suppressed emotions have accumulated. So, this time, I decided to ask the Writing Community on Twitter what their reaction to such... Continue Reading →

“Her Alibi” by Mary L. Schmidt

People often do bad things. In some cases, the bad things they’ve done have long-lasting consequences for other people. Bad things done to children always have the most devastating consequences. “Her Alibi” is a revealing, heart-wrenching memoir written by a person with a truly brave heart. Mary L. Schmidt doesn’t spare the details of what has turned... Continue Reading →

“Adam’s Witness” by J.C. Paulson

What a delightful blend of crime and romance! It was my first thought when I was halfway through reading “Adam’s Witness” by J.C. Paulson. To be honest, I don’t read true-to-genre crime novels, because there isn’t anything much in them except searching for the murderer. And I’m also not drawn to “strictly” romance novels. That... Continue Reading →

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