10 Best Reads 2021

  • Fantasy
  • Regency Romance
  • Contemporary
  • Science Fiction
  • Bestsellers


“The Scars of Gaia” by R.P. Lauer

A unique blend of fantasy and science fiction.

The world-building in this book is mesmerising. The people, the unseen beasts, as well as the places – all seemed real to me.

“A Drowned Kingdom” by P.L. Stuart

This is an epic fantasy story that will transport you into the lands that have never been, but in which being real you will believe after the first chapters.

“Stray Witch” by Eva Alton

The book transports readers into the world of powerful magic, spells, and incantations, with vampires managing the international businesses and vampire hunters, whose influence and wealth match those of their enemies.

“God of Nothing” by Shane Scott

What a ride it has been reading this book!

I felt like I straddled a tsunami and rode the whole way to the shore and even further at lightning speed.

Regency Romance

“Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller

An absolutely delightful “Pride and Prejudice” variation, which will please both classical Jane Austen fans and those readers who prefer a more modern twist to a story.


“To Catch a Feather” by R.A. Hutchins

The story of Kate and Cal is the quintessence of what a romantic story should be and what it should give the reader in abundance. Hope, sympathy, some tears, and, of course, happiness.

“Choices” by T.R. Hamby

The book made me think about many different things. The only right way to live your life is to follow your inner compass.

Science Fiction

“Dawnbreak” by Rebecca Mickley

The book tells a story about the future, where people can travel in the deep space, where taxis are orbital shuttles, where one can relocate to Mars, but with all the progress, people are still limited by their prejudices, driven by their vices, and not able to accept what they don’t understand.


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