“A Drowned Kingdom” by P. L. Stuart

An epic story of knights, shiny temples, and hope lost and found.

“A Drowned Kingdom” by P.L. Stuart is an epic fantasy story that will transport you into the lands that have never been, but in which being real you will believe after the first chapters.

P.L. Stuart draws his new world masterfully, by not skipping the details while knitting in battle and actions scenes into his plot. The characters are not like one’s next-door neighbours; they are driven by their background, faith, and traditions, and the nature of all these elements the reader gets a chance to learn, when each chapter adds new details about the reality P.L. Stuart has created on the pages of his book.

Our protagonist, Prince Othrun, is a complicated character; I could not decide, while I was reading, whether I like him or not, and, for me, such characters are the most interesting, since they stay in your thoughts long after you turn the last page. On the one hand, Othrun is a typical product of his upbringing, arrogant, spoilt, concentrated on his own problems – his father’s cold attitude, lack of warmth in the relationship with his older brother. But on the other, he is the one, who accepts his duty towards his people, he is brave, and tries to do his best as he understands it.

“A Drowned Kingdom” is a story that satiates your imagination and, at the same time, leaves you craving for more. I will be waiting to find out what destiny awaits Othrun, as well as other characters, the pagan mages, the brave knights of the kingdom that drowned before their eyes, and all other inhabitants of the lands that P.L. Stuart has breathed life into.

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