“Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller

An absolutely delightful “Pride and Prejudice” variation, which will please both classical Jane Austen fans and those readers who prefer a more modern twist to a story.

“Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller is an alternative version of how Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy fell in love. We get the charming setting of rural, aristocratic England with grand manors, elegant dinner parties, and leisurely walks in the well-tended parks. As well as the tender expression of passions and inner turmoil of the characters. But in addition to all the components for which regency romance fans stay faithful to the genre, a story of a dark, sinister secret unfolds on the pages.

I spent such a pleasant time reading this novel, curled up on the sofa while the rain was drumming the sedate rhythm of the fall against the windows. I loved the familiar characters and the new ones, introduced by the author in such a natural manner that now, I must confess, chances are high that thinking about my favourite novel – which happens to be “Pride and Prejudice” – I might slip at times and think about them as if they’ve always been in the story.

“Accusing Mr Darcy” by Kelly Miller is a beautifully written book with care to period details and diverse characters. If you appreciate that special, exquisite charm of a regency novel, Ms Miller will transport you right into the luxurious living rooms and garden mazes of the English countryside, so you’ll be able to dive into the lifestyle long gone but still vivid in many readers’ imagination.

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