“The Scars of Gaia” by R. P. Lauer

I loved this book. As simple as that. The story pulled me in from the first pages, and I couldn’t stop reading until I finished.

“The Scars of Gaia” written by R.P. Lauer is one of those books that turn my preferences as a reader upside down. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of grim topics both in literature and on screen. But there are examples of such books/tv series/movies that I’d place on my personal top of favourites. And “The Scars of Gaia” is on the top of that list.

The world-building is mesmerising. The people, the unseen beasts, as well as the places – all seemed real to me.

The main character, James, is that guy about whom many people would say “Why couldn’t he stick to his own business instead of trying to be a hero”. And I’ve always found that attitude to be terribly wrong. If a person tries to do more than it’s required from him, it means that humanity still has a chance to build a better future. If everyone succumbs to what is often called “the inevitable”, the fight is lost by default.

The book draws a picture of a two-dimensional world, where one side believes solely in science, while the other – only in physical power. But not everyone in both worlds believes that there isn’t another way for them to coexist. Two – ordinary – people find themselves caught up in the middle of political relations between their nations, and the secrets they uncover force them to act so that their worlds can have a better future.

I’m still thinking about the book and its characters, and I definitely plan to reread it someday. And I sincerely hope that R.P. Lauer will present the readers with a sequel.

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