“The Salt Path” by Raynor Winn

An amazing, inspiring book that motivates better than any highly acclaimed positive thinking coach.

“The Salt Path” is a story about the trip the author and her husband had made in order to escape homelessness, the loss of their cherished home they’d been investing all their time and efforts into for over 30 years, and the fear to lose the life itself. Not only did they have to fight the injustice of the court system, the betrayal of those they’d trusted, the financial difficulties, but, above all, they had to accept the news of Moth’s serious illness.

This is a story about willpower. And about the power of love. A lot of people seem to diminish the value of true love, they say it doesn’t exist. But “The Salt Path” shows how much the love and devotion of your life partner can do to make your life not only better but – possible.

I’ve read this book and taken it very personally, since my own love story started on the Coast Path, on the stony rocks of the Isle of Portland. My husband and I walked miles along the island, found all its secret small paths and coves. We sunbathed on the rocks, looking at the Chesil Beach and watching people dive into the water between the rocks.

I heartily recommend this book to every memoir genre lover and to those, who need to find something to hold on to, while fighting against life’s troubles.

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