“Lord and King” by P.L. Stuart

It was an exquisite delight to return to the multi-dimensional world P.L. Stuart has created in his epic fantasy saga. After head-spinning adventures that kept me turning the pages of book two “The Last of the Atalanteans” I couldn’t wait to see how Othrun would settle into the role he’s always dreamt about. Or maybe I’d better put it differently – the role he has always believed he deserved.

Othrun, once the Second Prince of the mightiest kingdom, now King of Eastrealm of Acremia, is the most fascinating character. Probably the most extraordinary main character a reader will encounter in modern literature. He is a knot of controversies. And that’s what makes it extremely interesting to follow him on his journey.

Othrun believes he is the noblest of knights, still, he is ready to step down from this pedestal to achieve his goals. Like any high-born, he is prejudiced, taught to despise and worship certain things. Still, when the faultiness of his views is thrown right into his face, he doesn’t fight against it. He doesn’t succumb at once to different views, but he tries to understand the new ones.

Finally, after the devastation of his home kingdom in book one and the risky quest to get a new one in book two, Othrun is Lord and King. He has what he considers to be rightfully his. A kingdom to rule over, people whose fates are in his hands, a beautiful wife Aliaz who impersonates everything he wants to see in a woman, and a future full of glorious victories. Minor issues that mar his triumph preventing him from feeling completely satisfied, are insignificant to shake his confidence. “I have deserved this,” I can almost hear Othrun saying these words in my head. It doesn’t matter that he has other overlords above him. At least he respects and trusts them. Besides, his plans for the increase of his grandeur are still in place, if a little transformed. Thoughts about one powerful and so tempting mage bother him, but not enough to make him feel guilty.

Lord and King of Eastrealm, who has earned his reputation of being a formidable foe should one choose to view him as such, is ready to build a bright, prosperous future for everyone, Atalanteans and Eltnish. After he has succeeded in the most audacious venture to get to where he is now, only success, luck, and glory should spread like a red carpet in front of him. Right?

Of course, wrong. Totally wrong!

“Lord and King” is a story about the burdens of power. Having achieved everything he’d craved to have for so long, Othrun is faced with a new dilemma. Can a good king be a good man? Once planted in his prejudiced, self-absorbed brain, this thought doesn’t go away.

In book three of the Drowned Kingdom Saga, Othrun is forced to find solutions to unsolvable problems. He learns the hard way that even being the king, he isn’t immune to life’s hardships. His status, his wealth, his loyal subjects – all of these privileges of a king can save him neither from losing some battles nor from grief. Othrun learns that being the king makes him even more vulnerable and helpless when his personal life choices are at stake.

In book three of the saga, we get to see Othrun in love. The fire and passion we saw him exhibit mostly on the battlefield and clawing his way back to the top on the way to establish his role as King in new lands, at last, are directed at a human being. A woman, a queen, the most extraordinary woman and queen Othrun has ever met. And even here, his prejudices and his focus on being first and foremost the king rather than a man, intervene to add to the emotional volcano.

“Lord and King”, book three of the Drowned Kingdom Saga stays true to the high standard the author set in books one and two. The story continues with a well-thought-out mix of the epic and the personal, with a subtle portion of magic that teases readers’ imagination. The book makes the reader marvel at the complexity of the world created on its pages. And at the same time, some plot twists tug at readers’ heartstrings touching upon sensitive subjects like grief, loss, and cruelty toward the innocent.

I’m looking forward to the next book in the series, and it is a huge honour to see my words quoted on the cover of the book written by the author of such caliber as P.L. Stuart.

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You can reach P.L. Stuart on different platforms:
Website: https://www.plstuart.com
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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/21031579.P_L_Stuart

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