“Tears of a Cowgirl” by Jupiter Rose

If you are looking for a perfect book to spend a cosy weekend with, look no further. “Tears of a Cowgirl” by Jupiter Rose is what you need and more.

Katie’s story has all the ingredients to melt the reader’s heart. We meet her at the turning point of her life. Trapped in a marriage with an abuser, Katie has reached the stage when she is ready to risk her life and the life of her little son but try to escape. She knows that she has only one chance. Her husband has made it absolutely clear that he will kill her if she tries to leave him. Still, she makes the decision to flee the house where she was held like a prisoner with a monitor attached to her ankle.

Surrounded by friends who care for her and her son’s well-being, Katie tries to settle into a quiet life in her hometown. Her parents’ house evokes many memories, and although both her mother and father passed away, Katie remembers what they taught her and it gives her strength.

When Katie finds beautiful flowers on her doorstep, her first thought is that her evil husband has found her. When a handsome neighbour knocks at her door, Katie can’t get rid of the suspicions her ex hired him.

But then she gets stuck in a remote house with two children with a vicious snowstorm isolating her from the world. The handsome neighbour arrives and announces he is here to protect her. How can Katie’s heart, which was tortured for so long, resist?

I love horses, so I enjoyed that these noble and beautiful animals were a part of the story.

“Tears of a Cowgirl” is a sweet love story – the kind that will ignite your faith in true love again – with a touch of suspense and danger. Sociopaths are known to be relentless in pursuing their victims. But true love is known to the extremely persistent as well.

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