“To Catch a Feather” by R. A. Hutchins

The story of Kate and Cal is the quintessence of what a romantic story should be and what it should give the reader in abundance. Hope, sympathy, some tears, and, of course, happiness.

“To Catch a Feather” is a story of two people, who had their share of grief and struggle in life, but who dare to hope beyond hope that something beautiful is possible for them too.

I loved the setting – majestic, but not always friendly coast of Scotland. It brought the vivid memories of my own love story that had started a long time ago on a different coast in South West England. In my imagination, I walked the cobbled streets and rocky shores together with the characters of the book.

The book left me with warmth in my heart. Very often I hear from people that true love doesn’t exist or that even when people fall in love, it happens only gradually. But I believe that love has many different faces. It can strike you suddenly, and you know at once that this is for life, and it can engulf you gradually, the realisation of the bond between two people sinking in with time.

I’d like to thank the author for the wonderful emotions her book has given me. I’ve spent the cosiest of rainy days wrapped up in a blanket – and in her beautiful words – in a place, where I grew up, and which saw me similarly drawn into books and stories since I was a child.

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