“God of Nothing” by Shane Scott

What a ride it has been reading Shane Scott’s book “God of Nothing”! I feel like I straddled a tsunami and rode the whole way to the shore and even further at lightning speed.

I won’t try to retell the plot. First of all, I think readers should make that discovery themselves. But in this particular case, it wouldn’t even be possible. Simply listing dry facts and names wouldn’t be enough to do this book justice.

Shane Scott does an amazing job at first lulling a reader into seemingly one type of a story and then – wow… well, you have to read it to feel it!

The author – just like one of the characters of the book, but I’ll tell nothing more – creates a universe, where the creatures from different mythologies become realistic and alive. I could see the vivid colours, feel the energy, wonder, and even the pain of every character, whom Shane Scott has turned into a real person.

There are a few plot lines, a lot of characters, and settings, but all of them the author masterfully weaves into an intricate canvas, where each thread takes its place. There are some controversial ideas in the book, and I absolutely loved the way the author handles them.

If this book would ever be made into a movie – and I would definitely love to watch it – AC/DC’s legendary “Thunderstruck” would be a perfect soundtrack for it. The story felt like a scorching fire to which I wanted nothing else but to submit.

I would recommend “God of Nothing” to all fantasy lovers, who appreciate the fast-pacing narrative, versatile characters, battles of the titans, and action. I’ll be waiting for the next meeting with Dragons, Titans, Bool, and all the vivid inhabitants of the ALL.

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