“Witch’s Mirror” and “Witches’ Masquerade” by Eva Alton

“Witch’s Mirror” is the second book in the “Vampires of the Emberbury” series by Eva Alton. I enjoyed the first book “Stray Witch” so much that I went on reading the second one right away. And after reading the second, I dived right into the third.

“Witch’s Mirror” has a darker edge to it. Alba, the witch who still doesn’t know what to do with her abilities and if she is able to get them under control, finds herself in the epicentre of centuries-long feuds between different paranormal creatures. And those are no joking battles.

There is a lot of action in the book with twists and turns I didn’t see coming. Vampires and witches act just like one would expect from them – being creatures of the darkness and all. So, be prepared for some serious blood-shedding and sinister torture chambers hidden in the labyrinths of the romantic channels of beautiful Venice.

My special thanks to the author go for… Carlo. I won’t spoil the pleasure for you, but the guy is a treasure. Every book needs a side character like him. Set against the backdrop of the charming landscape of Italy, the book transports readers into the world of powerful magic, spells, and incantations, with vampires managing the international businesses and vampire hunters, whose influence and wealth match those of their enemies.

“Witches’ Masquerade” – book three of the series – takes readers on a journey of magic, love, and sacrifice.

Alba returns home to Emberbury only to be forced to go back to the Old World on yet another impossible mission. Elizabeth, the vampire queen, is far from happy that two of her faithful subjects haven’t returned to the Cloister where they belong. And she makes it clear that it’s Alba’s problem to get them back.

Again, on the road – above the ocean, on the winter roads of the French Pyrenees that are full of natural dangers in addition to paranormal ones – Alba is rushing headlong into trouble. Nothing and no one, be it the forces of nature, ghosts asking for assistance, or the old coven of powerful witches, can stop her. Clarence, her beloved vampire, is about to succumb to death – again – but this time, for real, and Alba is ready to do any reckless thing if it gives her even a tiny chance to save him.

The ending of “Witches’ Masquerade” is both satisfying and disappointing, since it makes you crave for more. I’m certainly looking forward to reading where the devious fate will take Alba and Clarence next – after their relationship has been irreversibly transformed.

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