“Stray Witch” by Eva Alton

As I’m sitting and staring at the blinking cursor, I can’t but dwell on the controversies of a human mind. Why is it so that when you like something, dozens of words, appropriate to express your positive feelings spring obligingly in your head, but when you’ve irrevocably fallen in love with it, your mind goes blank and produces nothing except mundane “wow.”

In any case, I’m determined to tell the whole world how absolutely fantastic “Stray Witch” by Eva Alton is.

What I loved about this book – well, I loved everything, but… – is that the protagonist is not seventeen years old and dealing with issues of not having enough friends among the most popular students. Don’t think that I don’t like seventeen-year-old book characters. It’s just when almost every main character in almost every book is seventeen, and you are forty, you invariably start thinking that all the significant and exciting things are in the past. And I don’t think that anyone enjoys repeating such sensations over and over again.

Alba is dealing with a lot in her life. She is a mother of two adorable girls and a soon-to-be ex-wife of a detestable man. Alba’s husband, in addition to being a true embodiment of evil, is a lawyer. Or does the two always go together? Alba’s chances to find a job, so she’d be able to fight for custody rights, are slim. Who needs an employee who’s been a stay-at-home mom for the last decade? And then, just when it seems that there is no way out, Alba meets… a raven. From now on, not only Alba’s life is destined to change in the most unexpected way. Alba is about to find out that she herself isn’t a person she believed that she was.

“Stray Witch” has a feeling of a contemporary story with true-to-life characters – people who do not always make the right choices. And the magical components don’t spoil the story; on the contrary, they add a vibe to it, making a reader feel the failures and victories of the main characters more acutely.

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