“Exile’s Return” and “Rise of the Forgotten” by Rebecca Mickley

“Exile’s Return” by Rebecca Mickley is the second book in the series.

I seriously believe that The Farthest Star odyssey will become my favourite sci-fi book series of all time. While the first part “Dawnbreak”, which I enjoyed immensely, explores what does it take and how does it feel to go through the change, “Exile’s Return” draws a picture of the consequences that making a choice inevitably brings.

Set mostly in space, among the unknown stars, alien species, and on high-tech starships, “Exile’s Return” tells a story of Snow, a morphic, who is forced to help the government of Earth, which made him an exile, to establish the diplomatic ties with the race that have shared their technology with the humans, but have not revealed its true face and intentions yet.

Packed with drama, action, secrets, and unexpected turns, “Exile’s Return” offers readers to find their own answers to questions about friendship, duty, and our future.

“Rise of the Forgotten” by Rebecca Mickley is the third instalment in the Farthest Star sci-fi series.

The book is as intense as the first two. There are aliens, space battles, conspiracies between those in power, and technology we only dream about inventing.

But for me, the most interesting aspect – as in all Rebecca Mickley’s books – was the exploration of human (and not really human) nature. Emotions and reactions of people, be it morphic, homo sapiens or alien, their motives and actions, individual and when they’re a part of the crowd.

“Rise of the Forgotten” turned out to be the most personal book in the series for me. The theme of one group of people being stripped of their rights and freedoms is not a literary plot for me. I’ve witnessed the same thing happening in reality, and reading the book made me remember, how devastating the effects and consequences might be for those, who are being mistreated only because they don’t belong to the group, which is on the rise at some certain period of time.

Rebecca Mickley’s books have made me interested in the sci-fi genre again, and I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the books in The Farthest Star series.

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