“Dawnbreak” by Rebecca Mickley

My strongest belief is that books are written for people and about people. “Dawnbreak” by Rebecca Mickley is a story that gets you immersed in the thoughts and lives of its characters. Every time I opened my Kindle to read it, I was transported into the future the author draws masterfully, in some aspects very different from the picture of our life now, but in others – so strikingly similar.

While reading the book, I felt the joy, the pain, and the feeling of uncertainty the characters felt. While their struggles are not what I had gone through myself, I understood them and was able to sympathise with them. And, in the end, any form of interpersonal struggle can be viewed as a metaphor, as a comparison with your own experience. Everyone, who sees the world differently, meets sooner or later with non-acceptance and misunderstanding, with aggression even from those, who are not ready and willing to accept another human being’s choice and wishes. Unfortunately, in our modern world that strives in general to tolerance, understanding, and acceptance, very often these limits within which you are allowed to be different are also narrowed.

“Dawnbreak” tells a story about the future, where people can travel in the deep space, where taxis are orbital shuttles, where one can relocate to Mars, but with all the progress, people are still limited by their prejudices, driven by their vices, and not able to accept what they don’t understand.

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