“Faith” by Shane Scott

“God of Nothing” by Shane Scott is one of the best books I read last year. That’s why I was waiting impatiently for the author to publish the next story set in the magnificent and awe-inspiring universe of the ALL.

Although “Faith” is a novella, and it certainly left me craving for more, the author has done it again – Shane Scott pulled me back into the universe he has masterfully created, and despite its being not the kind of place anyone would feel grateful to be born in, I didn’t want to leave.

The story is short, but it’s packed with action and the characters are multi-dimensional and relatable.

My heart made a leap when my favourite characters from “God of Nothing” appeared in the story. And in the most intriguing way! I’d love to read a whole book set in the ALL dedicated solely to Eva and Cassy. I can’t imagine how Eva could end up… well, I won’t make spoilers here. I don’t want to spoil other readers the pleasure of surprise.

“Faith” can be read as a standalone story, but I would recommend everyone who enjoyed reading it, not to rob themselves of the opportunity to expand their horizons into the land of Dragons, Titans, Bool, and other inhabitants of the ALL.

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