“Becoming” by Michelle Obama

While not a huge fan of “new and bestselling” books, I could not go by Michelle Obama’s autobiography “Becoming”. The book was looking at me from every shelf of every bookstore I was passing by.

I have read the book and I am glad that I have. I loved the style – deep, sincere, and simple – in which the author relates to us, readers, the story of her life. During the reading, I was able to visualise the places, the people, and the events. I heard people’s talks and felt their emotions.

I’m not interested in politics; people’s stories fascinate me much more.

Michelle Obama’s life story confirms what I strongly believe in – what one has at the outset does not define the result. Her story is a confirmation of the simple truth: you can do nothing and blame the world even before you bothered to check if what others complain about is true, or you can put your personal effort and determination into achieving the goals you believe are what you want from life. And it does not mean that by doing that you ignore the problems that exist in every society in every country in the world. It means you have chosen your own path.

Michelle Obama constantly asked herself: “Am I good enough?”, and the main secret of her success, I think, is not only that the answer to that question was always “yes”, but that this confidence let her do everything to make it really so.

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