“On the Doorstep” by R.A. Hutchins

Abi is young, attractive, and she pays her bills by doing something she enjoys and is good at. There even appears a man in her life she would like to start a relationship with.

But it’s not that simple.

Abi is fighting a cruel “beast”. Although that “monster” is invisible to others, it has taken over Abi’s life completely.

“On the Doorstep” by R.A. Hutchins makes the reader think about how at times we don’t see what’s happening behind closed doors. And not only with complete strangers but also with our neighbours and even family members.

In her unique style, R.A. Hutchins tells us a story of a mental struggle, not sparing the sad and uncomfortable details, while showing that there’s always a chance to make it better. What I love about the books of this author, is that besides portraying real life’s hardships, R.A. Hutchins always gives us what, I believe, we need the most – hope.

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