“Consistent Creative Content” by Lee Hall

As an independently-published author, I couldn’t miss this book. Indie authors need all the advice they can get, and “Consistent Creative Content” by Lee Hall looked like something practical and possible to use rather than a book that offers only loud slogans and unrealistic achievements.

One sentence and it was instantly clear to me that I’m on the same page with the author. “I’ve always measured my results beside the number from where I started – absolute zero.” My “coming-of-age” time had fallen on the times of turbulent changes. And the phrase I heard most often was “I’m not going to work for such a tiny amount of money”. For me, it was absolutely clear that “tiny amount” and “zero” are not comparable values. Zero is nothing, and you can do incomparably more with even something small, while you can’t do anything with zero.

“Consistent Creative Content” doesn’t promise that you’d become the next Stephen King or a blogger with millions of followers. Lee Hall shares his own story to success with helpful details that can show the direction both to those who’re just beginning their journey in blogging/writing and to those who have already made some steps towards building their dream.

“Success is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to writing and blogging you are only competing against yourself.” This is, I think, the most important thing to remember at all times while you are pursuing your creative dream to become an author. There will always be someone more successful than you. But it is healthy to keep in mind that you don’t know what success has cost that person, as well as at what cost it – maybe! – has been purchased.

Lee Hall offers advice based on his own experience on such vital things as book promotion opportunities, reviews and the way to obtain them, possible fraud and scam issues – which is a big thing since there are so many aspiring authors out there nowadays and the opportunities to self-publish are so wide. The author also writes about how to “tame” the Twitter machine to gain not only sales and reviews but also friendships and support from fellow writers.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone who feels inspired by the opportunity to make their dream of becoming a writer whose books are read by people come true, and at the same time, who feels lost in the vast sea of publishing and social media.

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