Blood Moon, Texas Shifters paranormal romance series by Kat Kinney

Sizzling hot paranormal shifters romance series.

If you are into the paranormal themes in your reads, look no further. The Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series by Kat Kinney is what you are looking for.

I love the Caldwells! They are now officially one of my favourite fictional families of all time. I am absolutely spellbound by their interpersonal dynamics and relationships with those who come into their circle. And the food! Yes, I applaud the author for making the tastes and flavours of Texas a part of her books’ charm.

The more I find out about the lives of the Caldwells and those who get pulled into the enigmatic werewolf family orbit, the more fervently I want the series not to end. The author has a talent for drawing a vivid picture you feel stepping into while turning the pages. Emotions, flavours, and smells – all come alive during reading.

Beside love, angst, hot scenes, and incredibly alluring food descriptions, in the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series you’ll find plenty of political intrigues, conspiracies, secrets revealed, and new questions asked. 

I guess I’ve fallen under the spell of some shifter with the magic ability to pull readers into the story. I can’t wait to read “Hunted”, book five of this highly addictive series by the talented storyteller Kat Kinney.

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