“Dragon’s Grace” by Sloane McClain

This book is the purest form of literary escapism. It pulls you in and you don’t want to get out.

“Dragon’s Grace” by Sloane McClain is the first book in the Sons of Pendragon series. The story is a delicious blend of Arthurian-era epic fantasy and contemporary romance. Full of ancient secrets, sword battles, and intrigues, it also has sweet family moments and steamy scenes that make all the characters real and relatable.

Brennan and Grace weren’t supposed to be together. He is an influential businessman, always with a glamorous leggy beauty by his side smiling at the camera. She is his secretary. He doesn’t simply manage the dangerous protection and retrieval missions from the safety of his posh office – he takes part in them. She has failed all self-defence classes, obligatory for all Pendragon Alliance employees.

Still, fate is known to be a capricious lady with plans of her own. So, when Brennan returns from the mission that turned into a complete disaster, injured, morally defeated, and with an infant whom he is now responsible for, his father knows that there isn’t a better candidate to save his son from the abyss than Grace.

What woman would refuse to enter into a marriage of convenience with a man she’s been in love with for years? Well, a modern, sophisticated one, obviously. But Grace is neither. It doesn’t mean she is weak. Her strength lies elsewhere. Once she joins the Pendragon family – the epitome of masculinity, testosterone, and chivalry – she transforms its members’ life, adding what they were lacking. I found the interactions between Grace and the Pendragons absolutely adorable. Versatile family dynamics is something I always enjoy in books. Especially when the story proves that blood indeed is thicker than water.

Contrary to the usual relationship pattern, Grace and Brennan begin to get acquainted with each other – and fall in love with each other – after they are wed. And it’s up to the reader to decide if multiple hardships including chasing a vindictive cousin who wants Grace dead, time travel hassle, and deciphering how to open prison doors locked centuries ago stand in their way or help their love to blossom.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first instalment of the Pendragon brothers’ saga, and I’m looking forward to reading more.

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