Elegant Austenesque Romance novels by Kelly Miller

 As a true fan of Jane Austen, I have a habit of rereading her six full novels. I must confess, I’ve read “Lady Susan” only once, and it just doesn’t feel like I’ll reread it ever again. Austen books are my comfort reads. The ones you get snuggled with in your favourite blanket sometime in mid-February when the daylight makes a fleeting appearance and you need something to stir up your frozen spirit. But after a couple of decades of this practice, I can recite these books almost by heart. So, I’m deeply grateful to Kelly Miller for writing books that have the vibes of Austen’s original works.

All of Kelly Miller’s books are beautifully written with care to period details and diverse characters. If you appreciate that special, exquisite charm of a regency novel, Ms Miller will transport you right into the luxurious living rooms and garden mazes of the English countryside, so you’ll be able to dive into the lifestyle long gone but still vivid in many readers’ imagination.

With her trademark style to add a bit of spice to the narrative – strictly within the limits of acceptable plotlines for the Regency era – the author makes readers clutch their books or Kindles worrying about the characters’ well-being when an unexpected twist puts them in danger.

I am enchanted by the elegance of the author’s writing style, and while reading I virtually can feel the stiffness of societal rules of that period. Kelly Miller has managed to convey the mood of the Regency era.

I heartily recommend Kelly Miller’s books to all Austenesque romance lovers. They have it all. Beautiful settings, charming prose, prudent ladies with passions hiding behind their calm facades, and gallant gentlemen dreaming about finding brides not only with titles and wealth that would satisfy their noble families but such who would excite them and stir their polished outer decorum.

I’ve read all of Kelly Miller’s books, and I am eagerly waiting for more.

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