“Broken” by Ivy Logan

Is magic a gift or a curse? Do your roots define you? Is there anything more powerful than a prophecy made by ancient spirits? “Broken” by Ivy Logan provides answers to all these questions, leaving readers with more to muse about.

From the first pages, you get immersed in a world so unlike our own but in some ways, so similar. No matter if you are a sorceress with magic powers or a mere human with a palette of weaknesses when it comes to people you love, the balance might shift. What one considered their greatest asset, becomes the reason for their ruin. And everyone can make mistakes irrespective of their power and experience.

Talia, the half-blood sorceress, has been blessed with a happy childhood. I think that, along with the combat training she went through since she was little, it was what made her strong, determined, and not afraid of making difficult choices when a lot more than her life is at stake. But, as it often happens, the ones gifted with the best qualities, get tested by life the most. Talia is not an exception. She is forced to run away from everything she knows and everyone she loves. Still, the inner light the love she was growing up surrounded with has ignited, helps her stay sane and keep moving forward.

Talia’s strength gets tested, again and again. The lines between common sense and fear of failing those she loves, get blurred more and more. It was fascinating to follow her on her path to building her own life, not really leaving the one she had with her parents and brother behind.

Like a whirlpool, “Broken” pulls you into its fantasy world. And once you enter, you get under the spell of the beautiful sorceresses, and the Wraith, ancient spirits who have the power to rule over the lives of the mightiest sorceresses. You imagine what it feels like to ride a dragon and what other secrets are hidden in Htrae, the world of magic unseen to humans living on Earth.

There is more to explore in the world the author has introduced readers to in “Broken”, and I can’t wait to continue this journey.

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