Overcoming my fears

What a ride it turned out to be!

It was a unique – and extremely unnerving! – experience to be a guest at Page Chewing and talk about my writing journey. During almost two hours of conversation with lovely Taylor (Maed Between the Pages) and P.L. Stuart, we’ve managed to discuss different topics, including the nature of humanity reflected in books, Latvian culture, and the realities of indie publishing.

P.L. Stuart is an author, so we talked about our book characters, their motives, and what parts of their stories we “hide” between the lines and why. Othrun, the main character of P.L. Stuart’s epic fantasy saga “The Drowned Kingdom”, is one of the most controversial characters I’ve “seen” in literature. It’s an exquisite pleasure to read about his struggles, both physical and moral, following his development as the ruler of a nation and a person. I’m fascinated by the vivid image of a tortured royal persona P.L. Stuart has created, as well as by the imaginative and thoughtful world-building. I’m waiting for the release of book three!

You can learn more about “The Drowned Kingdom” on P.L. Stuart’s website, where he also posts book reviews of indie fantasy books everyone is talking about. He is also active on Twitter, and you can find him on Facebook and Instagram.

Back to my own predicaments. Despite the popularity of video content in recent years and my love for Instagram (I have a personal account with almost 20K followers that I cherish), I couldn’t overcome my video-phobia and resigned myself to the dramatic drop in statistics. Reels are simply not my thing. For the same reason, I don’t register on TikTok, and I don’t have a YouTube channel.

I’m deeply grateful to P.L., who’s been patient in accepting my “no”, again and again, and not giving up on me. I’m glad you’ve convinced me after all! And I can’t stop standing in absolute awe of my husband’s faith in me. If not for him, “Neglected Merge” would’ve never seen the light but would have stayed firmly in my drawer, and there wouldn’t have been books two and three. He encourages me to follow my dream without restraint, so – and we discuss it in the Page Chewing episode too – I feel free to write what my creative soul demands. The next three books I plan to publish are in stark contrast to the Neglected Merge fantasy trilogy.

Click here to check PAGE CHEWING Episode 22 on YouTube.

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