“Carol” by Patricia Highsmith

An incredibly delicate and thoughtful story of love between two women.

First published in 1952 under the title “The Price of Salt”, “Carol” by Patricia Highsmith – known for her psychological thrillers – is a story of young Theresa and sophisticated Carol.

Theresa just starts her adult life in Manhattan. She works in a big department store, and life seems bleak since she is an artist and dreams about becoming a theatre set designer. She has a boyfriend, a decent man named Richard, but she feels that there is no spark in their relationship.

Carol is rich but unhappy. She is going through divorce proceedings with her husband, who wants to limit her communication with their daughter.

The two women meet accidentally. And although for both the relationship between them promise more complications than happiness, they can’t resist the feelings they develop gradually for each other.

The story lacks any stereotypes or preaching that could avert some readers. The relationship between Carol and Theresa unfolds with every page as the colourful, authentic carpet. Their emotions, doubts, and thoughts are so transparent that it seems they are telling their story sitting next to you.

The 50ies – bright, stylish, and a bit artificially theatrical – are a perfect backdrop for Patricia Highsmith’s story.

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