“Josef the Writer’s Cat” by Ellen Khodakivska

What a lovely book! If you have a cat, this story will fill your heart with warmth. But if you don’t, you’ll immediately want to change it.

“Josef The Writer’s Cat” by Ellen Khodakivska is a book that any cat would dream to have written. The story is told from the perspective of Josef, the cat who’s been lucky to become a member of a writer’s family where everyone loves him.

Each cat is different. Each has its own personality. Each cat is unique to its masters. Ellen Khodakivska has managed to capture Josef’s personality and uniqueness. While I was reading, I remembered all the cats that honoured me with sharing their lives with me. I could talk about each of them for hours. At present, I’m blessed to live with two fantastic cats. Just like Josef, they both had an uncertain start in life, having been born in a place where a kitten’s life is worthless. My youngest kitten’s brothers and sisters weren’t as lucky as Honey, and – just like in the book! – she had witnessed how dangerous the crows can be.

I’d like to thank the author for the smile that hadn’t left my face the whole time I was reading about the magnificent Josef. I also thought that he and my 7-year-old Peach would have a lot to discuss between themselves. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapters in Josef’s fluffy story.

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