“Entanglement” by Alina Leonova

“Entanglement” by Alina Leonova transports the readers into a dystopian reality, where the life of humans had changed dramatically. People don’t walk on the ground but live closer to the skies, forced to move higher and higher in order to survive.

I don’t read or watch thrillers. I’m more into thoughts that a book or a movie evokes in me. But I loved that this book is fast-paced and packed with events that kept the story moving forward all the time until the very end.

I especially liked the characters and their development, since there is some controversy in their motives and actions. And I couldn’t guess, which decision they would make.

I also liked the ideas behind the story. They definitely make one think about our own world, the future that awaits people, and the consequences of our decisions for future generations.

I heartily recommend this book to all dystopian genre lovers.

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