“Follow the Hummingbird” by Elena Carter

Have you ever wondered if there is more to our dreams? More than our brain processing the information it received during the day? Have you ever had dreams that felt absolutely different from your regular dreams that are a jumbled mix of events with a dash of the illogical added by your subconscious?

Tina has always had vivid dreams. But now she feels that something about them has changed. Not only does she remember every detail of what happened to her in a dream when she wakes up. She finds “gifts” she has brought with her from the travels in her sleep.

“Follow the Hummingbird” by Elena Carter is a story of a young woman who, while trying to cope with her grief, discovers that the recipe that works best is equally liberating and dangerous.

Tina’s husband Greg dies in a tragic accident. She knows that she has to go on living and does everything she can to pull herself out of depression. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. Tina’s friends keep a close eye on her. And for their sake, she tries really hard to stay afloat. But when her dreams become too real – and frightening – to go on ignoring them, she finds help not from the people who know and love her. An unexpected but extremely well-timed meeting gives Tina what she needs the most: hope.

“Follow the Hummingbird” opens a door to a fascinating world of dreams. This world has no boundaries and its possibilities are endless. Common sense doesn’t work here. While you are dreaming – living in your dreams – you have to listen to your intuition since logic doesn’t work here too. In your dreams, you can meet the unimaginable creatures that live by the rules completely different from the ones we are used to. Moreover, you can meet the people you can’t meet in the real world.

Tina meets her husband in one of her dreams. Her heart breaks again, but it also finally begins to heal. Besides, she finds a purpose. But her husband doesn’t approve of her newly-acquired goal. He warns her that everything about the dream world is unstable and dangerous and that nothing here goes according to plan.

“Follow the Hummingbird” is a real treat for every reader with a bright imagination and an inquisitive mind. Tina’s reality-bending journey is something you don’t want to miss.

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