What happens after happily ever after?

For Tauria, romance turns into drama.

You have a chance to know how and why it happens this way for less than $3 (or equivalent in other currencies on Amazon marketplaces worldwide).

All ebooks of the Neglected Merge fantasy romance & drama trilogy are now available for 0.99 only.

What if two realities of Earth merged into one? Chaos at first, but then…

The humans are now called the Wingless, and the people from elsewhere are the Winged Ones. They live apart, by mutual agreement, on what is left of a shattered planet. But a chance encounter between a Wingless and a Winged One changes everything.

And so begins a great saga of two worlds perilously struggling to become one, and two people desperately seeking to be together.

What readers say about the Neglected Merge trilogy:

“No one writes like Eve Koguce that I have ever read”

“I thought I had a good idea where the series was headed. Boy was I wrong”

“pure escapism”

“…captivating trilogy with a strong female character”

Excerpt from book two “Tangle of Choices”

“Did you want to throw yourself out of every window you passed by?” Tauria asked, lifting her chin in a manner that weakly resembled her former vivacious self.

“Yes, I did,” Allard answered calmly.

“Did you think that every single person around you was an enemy, and all they want to do is to piss you off even more?”

Allard nodded. “Yes, I did. I would have phrased it slightly differently, though.”

“Did you contemplate between the two options and those two options only, to smash your head against the wall or to smash someone else’s head?”

“Indeed. I went farther than simply contemplating, with that last part.”

Tauria was startled. “Did you hurt anyone?”

“Not seriously. I shall be grateful for that until the last day of my life. But my mother did have her deal of suffering because of my temporary insanity.”

If Tauria had heard that story before, most probably she would have written Allard’s behaviour off to the vanity of the Winged Ones. Now the thought to dismiss it didn’t even cross her mind. Moreover, she felt so deeply for what this white-haired man, full of quiet dignity, power, and equanimity, had gone through that she wanted to stand up and to console him. It made her sad that she didn’t know how.     

“Why didn’t they fix you at once?” she asked. Showing interest was also a consolation of sorts. “I don’t understand.”

“There hadn’t been many casualties, but the infrastructure had suffered significant damage,” Allard explained. “It took time to reinstall the hospital facilities for the wings transplantation procedure.”

“I see.” Despite the compassion she felt towards Allard, Tauria was drifting away again.               

The sun was filling the room with warmth and light. The tiny particles of dust were shimmering like crystals, swirling slowly in their hypnotising dance. Tauria fought back the urge to stretch out her hand and try to disperse them.

It took her a considerable effort to return to reality. “But you knew that sooner or later you would get your wings back?”

“Yes, I did know that. But it didn’t help much.”

They sat in silence for some time. The pull to drift away was almost irresistible, while Tauria’s natural curiosity was quickly fading. She willed her eyes to avert from the mesmerising dust that was swirling and swirling, and there was no end to it. She longed to have been let to stare into the dreamy waltz of dust, so after a while, there would be no pain. 

After a pause, Allard spoke. “What I want to achieve with this visit, Tauria, is that you understand the enormity of what you are doing. Your abilities to cope are exceptional, unprecedented.”

His praise gave her the strength to argue. “I’m not coping very well.”

Allard’s icy blue eyes saw her through. “I realise that for you, it sounds cruel. And still, I cherish the hope that you will hear me. You will cope with your grief. You must, and you will. I have faith in you.”

Tauria’s eyes started to burn, and she angrily brushed away the unwanted tears.

“I’m honoured, Allard, I’m so honoured.” She was babbling, and it confused her, but she couldn’t stop. She had to tell him.

Allard nodded. “The honour is all mine.”

Tauria took a deep breath. “I apologise if I break the norms of civility by behaving like this. The limits are blurred for me now.”

Allard made a gesture with his hand as if inviting her to go on, so she continued, “You said you came to the sanctuary to think over the things you thought were important. What kind of things were those?”

She saw a flicker of a smile on his expressionless face.

“By the time of the Merge, I already had a family, a wife and children.” Like all Winged Ones, he started at the very earliest details, not worrying how much time it would take to tell the whole story. “It was the prime time of my life. The past was known, but the future was secure. And we were at liberty to be torn by abstract dilemmas. I was contemplating what I was prepared to do to protect them and my limits to keep them safe. I tried to determine for myself if I would stay loyal to our ideals if something was threatening them. Those were disturbing thoughts for a man in a position I had been in then. I had been waiting to be invited to join the Senate someday during my life. It was vital not only for me but for the whole nation, to have guarantees in the suitability of a potential leader.”

“And what conclusions did you come to then?”

“My conclusions weren’t much different from my original observations. It is both impossible and impractical to try to plan. Specific circumstances require specific solutions. We may- might have seemed stiff, solidified to you. I shall be delighted to have a conversation with you on this topic some other time. But as you can see now – as you have proved with your own actions – we can change. The crucial point is that we don’t change for the sake of changing. We don’t change because it’s fun. And most certainly, we don’t change out of boredom. We change when the changes are inevitable and justified.”

“But how do you discern when the changes are justified? How to be sure that you have done everything you could?”

Allard gave her a look that she couldn’t read. He stood up, and she rose from her seat as well.

“If we had a clear, univocal answer to this question, our life wouldn’t be such an exciting journey,” he said.

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