“The Younglings: Mayhem & Magic” by Helena M. Craggs

Reading this book has been one blast of a ride! In the third instalment of The Younglings series, stakes get higher and dangerous situations multiply. The team of supernaturals does their best to make the world a safer place for everyone, humans and magical creatures alike. But life throws new blows and challenges their way as if testing their endurance.

The Younglings are at college now. Along with usual troubles – submitting papers on time, not failing important tests, unresolved issues with their exes – they have to deal with things that threaten the whole world.

Call me weird but I have warm feelings toward one big, terrible, and ugly demon. Torrock should inspire solely fear, but I feel there is more to him. Pure evil he may be, and still, his loyalty to Quinn doesn’t feel like it’s only obligation-driven.

In book three of the series, the Younglings travel between continents, realms, and even attempt to challenge time itself. Losses and disappointments are inevitable. You can never tell beforehand if they make you stronger or break you. Powerful enemies scheme against the Younglings, and they have resources, patience, and deviousness enough to cause serious damage. Quinn’s crew needs everything and everyone to fight on their side if they want to win these battles. But as it often happens, there are cracks in relationships within the team. Will the Younglings manage to repair what was broken before it is too late?

“Mayhem and Magic” introduces Quinn’s uncle to the readers. Enigmatic, eccentric, and unbelievably egocentric Lucas is… Well, it shouldn’t come as a great surprise to you that he is Lucifer himself. After all, Quinn is a half-demon and his father is a formidable demon king. Lucifer is everything we expect him to be, but he has a weakness… And this weakness will provide young Quinn with much-needed leverage in his interactions with his uncle. I found this plotline especially intriguing, and I hope the author will explore it further in book four.

The third instalment of The Younglings series “Mayhem and Magic” is an action-packed, fast-paced read that won’t let you breathe out until you turn the last page. And even then, you’ll be left craving for more.

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