“Jimmy Choos to Cleaning Loos” by Kerry Kennedy

Vivid colours, and heady flavours. Hypnotising rhythms of love songs that promise luscious delights for the body but also delightful pain for the heart. Glorious sunsets you can watch every evening, sitting on your porch and drinking wine.

Isadora wants none of it.

Her life was perfect before her husband dragged her to the middle of nowhere. She doesn’t care about the beauty of the surrounding Spanish countryside. She doesn’t see any appeal in living in a quaint little cottage perched on the hill overlooking the sea.

She wants her glamorous life back. The life of a successful man’s wife, with her hair and nails being done in the most fashionable beauty parlour in London. With afternoons spent in expensive restaurants, chatting with her best friend and drinking champagne.

Isadora wants to live in a place where she can wear her favourite Jimmy Choos without fear of spraining her ankle.

Gerard, Isodora’s husband, thinks he made a perfect plan. He worked hard to accumulate enough in his bank account for an early retirement. The time has come to reap the fruit of his labour. What he couldn’t foresee is his beautiful wife’s fierce opposition to making his dream come true.

Like an indoor flower pulled up by the roots from its elegant pot and planted into the depth of a jungle, Isadora stumbles through her new life – at times, literally stumbling and falling.

It seems that nothing can make her love this new life, and even less, her husband’s grand project – a house reform. The thing is, it’s not a usual house that Gerard bought to restore. It’s huge and intimidating, filled with nothing but bird poop, dust, and dirt.

“Jimmy Choos to Cleaning Loos” is a story of a transformation. Not only of an old house. At first, it seems that Isadora isn’t capable to enjoy any other lifestyle than the one of a spoilt rich man’s wife. But thanks to her husband’s courage to take a brave – or was it audacious? – step to change their lives, she is forced to re-evaluate what she really wants.

Isadora’s path to finding what makes her happy isn’t easy. She is a magnet for trouble. While reading, I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or both at the absurd situations the posh lady from London managed to get herself into.

I want to thank Kerry Kennedy for writing a novel that is a perfect example of what kind of book I’d like to take with me for my vacation in Spain.

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