“Intermezzo” by Kimberly Greer

What a deliciously exciting return to the lives of Alexa and Mateo! Reading the prequel made me remember how much I enjoyed their intricate dance toward love in “Masked Intent”.

“Intermezzo” by Kimberly Greer gives the reader a glimpse at how the spark between Alexa and Mateo was ignited. The attraction is instant, and their physical reaction to each other is incredibly strong. Still, they both are grown-up, sensible people. Moreover, they were deeply hurt in their previous relationships. They aren’t going to dive head first into something that promises more hurt and disaster.

I like the way the author made me feel Alexa’s doubts and insecurities. Yes, indeed, getting involved with someone like Mateo – a man with a reputation of a Don Juan – isn’t what a woman in her thirties, with a successful but challenging career, three sons, and a divorce in her portfolio should do without considering the consequences. On the other hand, how will we ever find real love if we never give it a chance?

“Behind the scenes” interactions between Truth and her sisters make me look at the relationship issues from a slightly different angle. Under what influence does people’s perception of what is right or wrong change? Do we accept those changes simply because we don’t notice that they are pushed on us or do we make a conscious decision?

I heartily recommend both “Intermezzo” and “Masked Intent” (click to read my review) to lovers of clever and deep reads that offer more than an interesting story. Kimberly Greer’s books will make you turn the pages as well as evoke thoughts about things that matter.

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