“Masked Intent” by Kimberly Greer

Have you ever wondered what hides behind a polished façade of a womaniser? In literature and onscreen the men who refuse to commit and form a long-term relationship are usually depicted from the perspective “I’ve chosen it myself because it’s cool and I need nobody in my life”. James Bond doesn’t count – he has a dangerous profession.

In “Masked Intent” by Kimberly Greer, Alexa meets such a man, and despite a strong attraction she instantly feels towards him, she knows that nothing good can come out of their relationship. But is she right? And is it Mateo’s reputation that holds her off from accepting him, or the reason for her doubts are her own secrets and troubles?

“Masked Intent” is a multi-dimensional story, offering insights into two people’s minds and hearts. It is an intense read that digs deep into two people’s path towards a relationship they both crave but are afraid to succumb to. When they meet, Alexa and Mateo already have accumulated life experiences that taught them life isn’t a walk in the park with balloons bubbling joyfully above one’s head. If viewed from the outside, they both are successful, confident, leading the kind of lives many can only dream about. Does it save them from feeling insecure and lonely? “Masked Intent” provides an explicit answer to that question.

I really enjoyed office scenes since they reminded me of people and situations from my own past. Underqualified employees’ ambitions, management’s non-willingness to accept risky solutions to a company’s problems, profits earned in dishonest ways – it is obvious that the author is familiar with issues that are inseparable from high-level entrepreneurship.

Characters in this book aren’t flat or predictable. The author draws vivid and complex portraits not only of the two main characters but also of people who play important roles in their lives, adding relatability to the storyline.

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