“Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant” by R.A. Hutchins

Flora and Reggie’s cosy mystery series is highly addictive. Don’t say I haven’t warned you after you forget about all the things you had to get done before the festive dinner, having gotten completely immersed in the Baker’s Rise Mysteries by R.A. Hutchins.

“Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant” is the third book in the series. I enjoyed it as much as the first two and I’m already halfway through the fourth.

Baker’s Rise is a quaint little spot in the depth of the English countryside. Its inhabitants know each other even more intimately than many of them maybe would have preferred. In a place like this, it’s impossible to keep a secret from your neighbour, be it a bout of arthritis or a pregnancy a future mother isn’t aware herself yet. Still, with neighbours who aren’t simply nosy and gossip-loving, but rather caring and willing to help out, that’s what makes Baker’s Rise a wonderful place to call home.

In this instalment of Baker’s Rise Mysteries Flora has to face her past. An escapee from the fast-paced, posh, and highly demanding London city life, Flora sincerely believes she has left behind both her disastrous marriage and the man who could have easily won the award for the “worst husband in the country”. So, you can imagine how shocking it is for her to see her ex-spouse on her doorstep!

Flora and her adorable parrot Reggie – who still hasn’t gotten rid of the foul language he’d learnt from his deceased ex-owner – find themselves in the middle of a police investigation again. So much for the peaceful time waiting for Christmas, baking pastries and entertaining tearoom visitors!

It was a pure delight to read yet another Baker’s Rise Mystery by R.A. Hutchins amidst the whirlwind of preparations for the festive season. I’ve almost finished reading book four in the series and will undoubtedly read the rest of the series.

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