“Hunter’s Fated Wait” by W.A. Edwards

I was unceremoniously thrown into a different reality the moment I started reading this book. I didn’t expect it, so I closed my Kindle and sat for a while, images of Pine Lodge Pack shifters already vivid before my eyes.

“Hunter’s Fated Wait” by W.A. Edwards is set a few decades into the future. But the world is vastly different from the way we know it. It was fascinating to explore it, diving deeper and deeper into the shifter pack dynamics and also the inner workings of Hunter and Ali’s minds.

First, you must know that Ali is a complete badass. And she isn’t like someone any girl can easily become given the right motivation. She is unique in her fierceness – sometimes feistiness even – but she is also kind, compassionate, and passionate about making other people’s lives better.

Hunter is a leader who’s never thought he’d become one but who turned out to be perfect for the role.

Complete immersion into the reality created by the author is what I especially liked in this book. I could easily imagine myself having breakfast in the busy Pack’s House dining room, grabbing yet another blueberry muffin before they all get snatched away by hungry shifters. I could imagine talking to Lisa, Ali’s pregnant friend whose knowledgeability could easily be mistaken for love for gossip. But that very quality proved to be virtually life-saving.

While reading, I was cocooned in the feeling of familiarity and warmth as if the characters were my close friends. I felt totally invested in the Pine Lodge shifters’ vigorous work to improve their pack’s life. The author made their enthusiasm and dedication seep from the pages.

The idea of living in a gated community made me think about the advantages and disadvantages of such living arrangements. As with most things in life, even if something works flawlessly, a crack in the generally positive picture is usually some individual’s fault.

Reading Ali and Hunter’s story was a wonderful experience, and I’m looking forward to reading Leo’s story next. Let’s just say, his eating habits are very similar to mine 🙂

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