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Celebrating the release of “Finding Your Way”, for a limited time only, the Neglected Merge Trilogy – on sale on Amazon!

Multi-award-winning book one “Neglected Merge” – FREE worldwide

Books two and three – 0.99c / 0.99p (US and UK)

All my books, including the new release “Finding Your Way”, are always free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

You can read more about the Neglected Merge Trilogy in Eve’s Books. But I’ll share excerpts from some of my favourite reviews, so you can decide if you want to join the Wingless and the Winged Ones on their road to finding common ground.

“No one writes like Eve Koguce that I have ever read. Part lyrical, part philosophical, with a real appreciation for rich storytelling, reminsicent of a more classical style of writing, I have truly enjoyed Koguce’s lovely prose. This has been one of my favourite aspects of this incredible series. My least favourite aspect of this book, and this series is that, with “Shifting Directions”, it’s over!”

“I believe that the world ‘beautiful’ really bests summarizes this story, as this is how it felt to me in every aspect. From the characters, world building, story development, through my favorite part – writing style. The author seemed to plot in very poetic descriptions effortlessly and naturally, what gives the book a unique style”

“I found writing style very classy, and the story itself has the taste of ‘Gone with the wind’. I will definitely read more form this author!”

“The book is superbly written; the characters, the world-building and the pace are all splendid. There are many messages throughout this utopian fantasy; sacrifice, moral values, duty, courage, and a belief that deep down people are decent. As Alfred declares: ‘Acceptance is the greatest gift humanity can bestow on itself… My favourite quote: ‘The love that’s happened is always better than a love that hasn’t been given a chance to exist…Tangle of Choices is pure escapism, and I’d highly recommend. Bravo, Ms Koguce”

“The emerging love of Tauria and Doron is though, much more than a simple romance, for it becomes the catalyst by which two worlds must face “the winds of change.”… And what a delightful story it is! A story of love, of reaching for one’s dreams, of changing the world…”

“I enjoyed the post apocalyptic world building and the philosophical questions posed in this novel. This is a story of forbidden love between two members of very different societies, fighting to be together despite their people’s opposition. You will find yourself wondering about how much one should change themselves for a loved one-if at all, and whether it’s fair to expect such a thing from others.”

“This is where Koguce’s brilliance comes out to play. Through poetic prose that constructs two vivid and complex worlds with beauty and dimension, she urges her reader to consider whether perfection can be defined in concrete terms, especially if it is subject to fluid interpretation. The ideological undertones are striking, poignant, and well on point”

“Neglected Merge is full of tension, forbidden attraction, and lives forever altered with two diverse cultures challenged to reinstate face-to-face communication”

“I applaud Eve Koguce for having the courage to take the road less traveled with her story… The Neglected Merge is not your typical Dystopian novel. It’s uniquely itself. At one point you are faced with the very valid question if you love someone are you willing to give up everything, everything that makes you, you to be with them?”

“”Tangle of Choices” should also go on to garner writing awards, as Koguce continues her outstanding work, creating highly believable and fascinating characters, crafting compelling stories full of emotion and heart, and spinning prose in an elegant and very unique style that I have come to adore.”

“After reading the first book I thought I had a good idea where the series was headed. Boy was I wrong.”

“This story took me by surprise by its unique theme. What is a free human choice?… The story is written in a beautiful, poetic language, which was pleasurable.”

“I couldn’t believe what happened to Tauria. I won’t spoil it for you. You will have read it.”

“The worldbuilding is vivid and polished, and the characters are relatable. While Author Eve Koguce’s cast of characters is extensive, they are individually distinct, motivated, and flawed behaviors that evolve from their backstory. It all works together to create a rich tapestry of fantasy culture that makes sense.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this return to the fantasy world created by author Eve Koguce… I especially loved the ending, which, as with all the best endings, is fulfilling while hinting at the possibility of future adventures!”

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