“Metamorphosis” by Ivy Logan

“When I lost my forever, my light withered and ebbed,” says Amelia Diaz, introducing herself to the reader in “Metamorphosis”, book two in The Breach Chronicles series by Ivy Logan. As the story unfolds, Amelia’s light flares up, dims and at times almost dies out. Will it survive or will it succumb under the weight of hardships that befall the girl with a beautiful soul and strong spirit?

“For what is a heart if not an instrument of torture? It allows you to love, and then snatches it all away.” Amelia is forced to ask this question again and again when she loses the people she loves, unable to learn to stay cold and impassionate. Even though she knows that everyone she cares about is in danger, she can’t persuade her heart to stop being warm and loving.

Amelia lives in the most luxurious palace while the whole country – Peradora – is drowning in poverty, fear, and sorrow. To the world, Peradora is a fairy tale, the only place, where exclusive pink diamonds can be found. And Amelia, the niece of the Peradora’s ruler, is the Diamond Princess, who spends her time between fashion shows and glamour parties all around the globe. No one cares to look deeper. And why should they if the picture drawn by social media is so perfect?

“…connections between people exist because it is their hearts that bind them and not external paraphernalia.” External paraphernalia means nothing to Amelia. It serves solely as a way to survive. If she does what her uncle, Peradora’s dictator wants, she stays safe. And as long as she stays safe, she can do something to save her country and the people she loves.

“Metamorphosis” is a poignant coming-of-age story. Much more significant things are at stake than spoiling one’s chances to find a good job by choosing the wrong university. Growing up, Amelia faces struggles the outcome of which will influence the lives of thousands or maybe even millions. One by one, Amelia reveals the horrifying secrets of her home country.

What does it take to gather enough courage to stand against unspeakable and seemingly unstoppable evil? For Amelia, her path to becoming unstoppable herself starts with a determination to make a difference. And when she learns there is magic inside her that can help her execute her plan, she is already strong enough to start her battle.

Just like in “Broken”, book one of The Breach Chronicles series, the author treats the reader to an intricate blend of fantasy and romance with magical creatures and ordinary people going through similar experiences. Everyone falls in love no matter how averse they are to the idea. Everyone craves to be close to someone no matter how hard one tries to close one’s heart thinking that love is a weakness. Everyone makes mistakes.

The characters in “Metamorphosis” learn their life lessons the hard way. But by going through their personal struggles without giving up, they learn how to fight epic battles that await them later.

I’ve received the ARC of this book; its release day is October 31.

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