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I haven’t posted any updates on my books and my writing for a while. So, here are some news and figures.

The Neglected Merge trilogy reached 76 rates/reviews on Amazon (book one – 63, book two – 8, book three – 5) and 118 rates/reviews on Goodreads (book one – 75, book two – 25, book three – 18). Although I started this self-publishing journey almost two years ago, my heart still makes a little flip every time I see these figures changing.

There are weeks, and sometimes even months, when no new reviews appear. I won’t lie: it sucks (pardon my language). But then, suddenly, new reviews and rates start appearing every day. And it makes me feel invigorated and elated, enthusiastic to continue traveling the bumpy road of an indie author. The same with book sales and KENP reads. When your KDP dashboard keeps showing you sad-looking zeros, it brings gloomy thoughts. Well, I always say that being an indie author isn’t a walk in the park, don’t I?

BIG NEWS about my next book. It is a contemporary young adult novel set in Latvia in 2008 with a slight touch of magical realism. It’ll be available for pre-order soon. But before its publication day, I promise to tell you a little more about the book and its setting. As an avid reader, I’ve noticed that Latvia doesn’t star in many books published outside the country. Since there are many traditions and local ways – which often seem peculiar for those who aren’t used to them – weaved into the story, I hope the book will find readers who’ll be interested in finding out more about its characters and also Latvia.

But let me maintain the mystery of my upcoming release for a little longer and remind you about the already published books. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I haven’t posted anything to promote the Neglected Merge trilogy for a while. So, I share excerpts from the newest reviews for book one “Neglected Merge”, with a calm heart: it won’t look like shameless bragging.

For me, it is pure magic when people connect with my words, characters, and ideas. My stories are an integral part of me, and when a reader feels something, sees something between the lines, it makes this journey worthwhile.

Amazon and Goodreads reviews for book one of the Neglected Merge trilogy “Neglected Merge”

“Eve Koguce’s Neglected Merge paints a complex, detailed portrait of a seemingly Utopian world, created following a catastrophic event that brought together the remains of two disparate worlds. Each builds its post-Apocalyptic society with contentment at its core. How the worlds defined the idea is as different as the nations themselves as well as the fated mates who strategize to merge their ways of life so they might have a future together.

This is where Koguce’s brilliance comes out to play. Through poetic prose that constructs two vivid and complex worlds with beauty and dimension, she urges her reader to consider whether perfection can be defined in concrete terms, especially if it is subject to fluid interpretation. The ideological undertones are striking, poignant, and well on point.

Neglected Merge is hopeful, colorful, and thoughtful. It is the type of novel that tempts subsequent reads, each of which promises to reveal some ever yet more insightful tidbit.”

“You will find yourself wondering about how much one should change themselves for a loved one-if at all, and whether it’s fair to expect such a thing from others. Does marriage have a meaning? Do we need love, or even company, to be happy? What is happiness anyway? I closed this book thinking about all those beliefs we take for granted in our society, and how they could be different in a hypothetical future.”

“I found this novel very thought-provoking. It made me think of cross-cultural conflicts and a necessity of constant change. I found writing style very classy, and the story itself has the taste of ‘Gone with the wind’. I will definitely read more from this author!”

“I have read dystopian novels like The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Hand Maid’s Tale. But ‘The Neglected Merge’ stands out because is completely and uniquely itself. It’s world building is completely original. The focus is not on survival but about the new worlds that exist 200 years post the Merge.

I applaud Eve Koguce for having the courage to take the road less traveled with her story.

The Neglected Merge is not your typical Dystopian novel. It’s uniquely itself. At one point you are faced with the very valid question if you love someone are you willing to give up everything, everything that makes you, you to be with them? How do you cross that hurdle, still find your happily ever after while holding on to your identity? Let Tauria show you how.”

“This fast-paced adventure romance balances drama and romance with an intricate plot that introduces two utopian-type cultures separated by mountains and societal norms.

Neglected Merge is full of tension, forbidden attraction, and lives forever altered with two diverse cultures challenged to reinstate face-to-face communication.

I found the story entertaining, thought-provoking, and well worth the read.”

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