Praise for “Tangle of Choices”

Few things can make an indie author happier than a glowing review. I am not saying that famous and bestselling writers don’t care when they receive praise for their books, but still, I’ll allow myself the boldness to assume that there is a certain difference.

Moreover, when the review comes from someone you admire, the reward is double.

My heart almost burst – and yes, I’ll confess, I did cry a little – reading the review of “Tangle of Choices” from Helen Aitchison. Helen is that rare kind of person who not only values kindness but isn’t afraid to show it to the world. She is also a writer, and I can’t wait to read her debut novel “The Dinner Club” which is to be released on March 11.

Helen is an active member of the Writing Community on Twitter, and you can also find her on Instagram (her cat Eric is absolutely adorable).

You can find out more about Helen on her website. I know that “The Dinner Club” isn’t going to be her only book for long, so I’ll be following her blog closely not to miss any new releases from her.

Review of “Tangle of Choices” by Helen Aitchison (published on Goodreads)

Tangle of Choices is second instalment of this beautiful futuristic fantasy story featuring Tauria and Doron.

Several years on from Neglected Merge, sees our married pair in blissful love as Tauria is still ever so slightly in the transition of being a winged one. On marrying Doron, the son of the Leader, she is the only former wingless to now be winged, as the two worlds and societies co-exist in a community that still needs cohesion from The Merge and where Tauria is the only person truly connected to both worlds.

As Tauria continues to adjust to life, learning to master the art of competent flying and being part of Doron’s family, it is announced that someone has gone missing.

Curious Tauria reaches out to former boss, Alfred from when the worlds lived in silo, and it is discovered more have gone missing, kidnapped by Rebel forces. This continues, creating panic amongst the community, tension, unrest and a need for urgent action from the Senate.
Tauria becomes entangled in a dilemma of her past, present, loyalty and duty when rebel enemies appear and threaten to disrupt and endanger the community further. The rebels, led by cruel Grayson, make demands which could change Tauria’s life, forever when she becomes a pawn in the hostage negotiations. With moral pressure, her own beliefs and risks to her whole new life, there is a conscious crisis and a pull in many directions for Tauria. Alone in her path, she risks it all, her marriage to Doron, her new family and friends, her reputation and ultimately her safety in pursuit of what she feels is right.

It was wonderful to revisit the characters from Neglected Merge. To see their relationships develop and how they overcome obstacles, as well as meeting new characters. With gasp moments, smiles, heartbreak, action and twists, this page turner has it all.

The author continues to write beautifully, creating a vivid image in readers minds and almost feeling the emotions of the characters. The moral undertones and ethical messages are thought provoking and enticing. Eve Koguce is powerful author who’s impact is great, yet feels so natural in the written form.

Fantasy isn’t my usual genre, only the best make my reading list. Eve Koguce is most definitely one of the best!

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