“Only Sometimes” by Felicia Blaedel

“Only Sometimes” by Felicia Blaedel is an incredibly warm and intense story of two people in search of equilibrium among the turbulent sea of life. While it has all the elements of a true love story that will please romance readers, it also offers a deep insight into its characters’ personalities.

I liked Niko so much! The author has done a fantastic job creating a character who becomes a real person while you read. I could see Nikoline with her red hair and high heels as if this tall, self-confident woman was sitting across a table from me in a café on one of the summer days. I could see the freckles she takes pain to conceal and heard her laugh, with which she masterfully masks her feelings of insecurity and her pain.

I liked Noah too. But even more, I liked the way the author managed to portray how Niko saw a man she fell in love with. Not every woman would find him charming, but Niko did, and this is what true love is about. Not everyone sees love as two halves being a part of one whole. But it’s impossible to deny that a person who loves sees the object of his love differently from everyone else. And it’s not necessarily about seeing them through the rose-coloured glasses. When you love, you see what others don’t see.

The setting of the book is beautiful. I remembered my trips to Denmark and Sweden, and I thought that so much still remains unseen in these fascinating countries.

“Only Sometimes” is the third book of the Without Filter series, but just like the author says in the blurb, it can easily be read as a standalone novel. I haven’t read the first two books, but I didn’t feel confused about the storyline. On the contrary, references to characters’ pasts gave depth to the story.

There are steamy scenes in the book; they feel organic to the story of two young people who are falling in love. And that Niko and Noah are passionate not only about each other, but also about their studies, jobs, and preserving nature adds layers to this beautifully written new adult romance.

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