“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells

“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells is a story that often is left untold. It felt like reading a diary. And this narrative style made the story even more heartbreaking. Kacey Kells tells about her almost perfect “before” life with the ingenuousness of youth. Her thoughts are so pure that you feel helpless fury that this purity... Continue Reading →

“A Stroke of Luck” by R.A. Hutchins

“A Stroke of Luck” is yet another heart-warming story from R.A. Hutchins. This author has a talent for a uniquely gentle way of storytelling. While she touches upon serious issues in her books, after you finish reading, you are left with hope and light in your heart. For me, “A Stroke of Luck” turned out... Continue Reading →

“On the Doorstep” by R.A. Hutchins

Abi is young, attractive, and she pays her bills by doing something she enjoys and is good at. There even appears a man in her life she would like to start a relationship with. But it’s not that simple. Abi is fighting a cruel “beast”. Although that “monster” is invisible to others, it has taken... Continue Reading →

“Layers” by Zuzanne Belec

When I tried to remember the last time I read short stories, I realised that it was about ten years ago, and it was a collection of short stories by Guy de Maupassant. I remembered how many thoughts those stories, written about one hundred and fifty years ago, evoked in me. The same happened when... Continue Reading →

“Paper Castles” by B. Fox

“Paper Castles” by B. Fox is a book that leaves the readers with many thoughts after they turn the last page. In short, my kind of book. The story follows the life of James Brooke. He is 28, he has an excellent diploma in Architecture, but he is jobless and has moved back to live... Continue Reading →

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