“Choices” by T. R. Hamby

“Choices” by T.R. Hamby is the story of Audrey who doesn’t fit into the conventional life pattern. The pattern that every woman is supposed to follow, and if she doesn’t, she gets to know what the declared broad-mindedness really means. The truth is that although no one calls her offensive names, neither does she get... Continue Reading →

“Rococo” by Adriana Trigiani

This book is simply ... delicious! You're reading it as if you're eating a fantastically delicious Italian dinner - seven courses, not less.I've read Rococo by Adriana Trigiani over the Christmas/New Year holidays period, when we had a cosy, tasty time with my family, taking long walks along the seaside and enjoying every pleasure we... Continue Reading →

“Hillbilly Elegy” by J. D. Vance

An amazingly sincere and personal book. It tells a story of one - rather extended, though! - family, but also manages to illustrate the story of the whole region.For me, as for someone, who lives on the other side of the planet, the most fascinating in this book was finding a lot of similarities with... Continue Reading →

“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells

“Kellcey” by Kacey Kells is a story that often is left untold. It felt like reading a diary. And this narrative style made the story even more heartbreaking. Kacey Kells tells about her almost perfect “before” life with the ingenuousness of youth. Her thoughts are so pure that you feel helpless fury that this purity... Continue Reading →

“A Stroke of Luck” by R.A. Hutchins

“A Stroke of Luck” is yet another heart-warming story from R.A. Hutchins. This author has a talent for a uniquely gentle way of storytelling. While she touches upon serious issues in her books, after you finish reading, you are left with hope and light in your heart. For me, “A Stroke of Luck” turned out... Continue Reading →

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