“Gone Away Girl” by Juliette Caron

"Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere," states the legendary quote by Helen Gurley Brown. I absolutely loved how Juliette Caron proved the opposite in her book “Gone Away Girl”. Chloe is seventeen, and she is a good girl. She makes a tough choice not every “bad” girl gathers enough courage to make.... Continue Reading →

“Masked Intent” by Kimberly Greer

Have you ever wondered what hides behind a polished façade of a womaniser? In literature and onscreen the men who refuse to commit and form a long-term relationship are usually depicted from the perspective “I’ve chosen it myself because it’s cool and I need nobody in my life”. James Bond doesn’t count – he has... Continue Reading →

“Here Today, Scone Tomorrow” by R.A. Hutchins

If you are on the look-out for a perfect recipe of a cozy mystery, look no further! “Here Today, Scone Tomorrow” by R.A. Hutchins is what you’ve been looking for. Ingredients: -          a newly-divorced forty-something lady with a hefty check from her ex-husband on its way and a glamorous wardrobe -          a quirky English village -          even quirkier... Continue Reading →

“The Dinner Club” by Helen Aitchison

“The Dinner Club” by Helen Aitchison is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. This book has a soul, and this soul saturates the pages with true, deep emotions you can’t just shake off when you finish reading. Not that you’d want to. On the contrary, you’d want to continue to bathe in... Continue Reading →

“Where the Story Starts” by Imogen Clark

“Where the Story Starts” by Imogen Clark is a story of four women and one man. Following diverse plotlines, the book untangles the knot of relationships, deceit, and lies, simultaneously drawing portraits of the characters. Melissa meets a man of her dreams. He is handsome and funny, he treats her like no man treated her... Continue Reading →

“Only Sometimes” by Felicia Blaedel

“Only Sometimes” by Felicia Blaedel is an incredibly warm and intense story of two people in search of equilibrium among the turbulent sea of life. While it has all the elements of a true love story that will please romance readers, it also offers a deep insight into its characters’ personalities. I liked Niko so... Continue Reading →

“Choices” by T. R. Hamby

“Choices” by T.R. Hamby is the story of Audrey who doesn’t fit into the conventional life pattern. The pattern that every woman is supposed to follow, and if she doesn’t, she gets to know what the declared broad-mindedness really means. The truth is that although no one calls her offensive names, neither does she get... Continue Reading →

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