An Extended 0.99 Book Sale

Every indie author knows that book marketing is hard. Time-consuming. Enthusiasm-dampening. So, while working on my current book, I decided to do an extended price drop for all my books.

Kindle deals are available only for US and UK marketplaces. But I don’t want to be limited by either time or geography. I also don’t like to be ruled by all these marketing tricks that are supposed to cause a frenzy in readers. Don’t rush, the 0.99 price won’t disappear in a few days. If you want to read any of my books, you’ll be able to do it and pay as little as 0.99 for some time.

Still, I also don’t make any carved-in-stone promises about when the prices will go up again.

Clicking on the book titles will take you to Amazon US pages, but the 0.99 price is effective on Amazon Canada, Australia, UK, and other European marketplaces.

The Neglected Merge fantasy romance & drama trilogy

What if two realities of Earth merged into one? Chaos at first, but then…

The humans are now called the Wingless, and the people from elsewhere are the Winged Ones. They live apart, by mutual agreement, on what is left of a shattered planet. But a chance encounter between a Wingless and a Winged One changes everything.

And so begins a great saga of two worlds perilously struggling to become one, and two people desperately seeking to be together.

What readers say about the Neglected Merge trilogy:

“No one writes like Eve Koguce that I have ever read”

“I thought I had a good idea where the series was headed. Boy was I wrong”

“pure escapism”

“…captivating trilogy with a strong female character”

Books set in Latvia

“Finding Your Way”

A contemporary YA novel set in 2008.

Zanda is seventeen. She wants three things in life: to stay in her home country, date her boyfriend, and have a career. There is a problem with each of these things, though.

What readers say:

“…a delightful coming-of-age story with a fascinating look at the country of Latvia – its past and future, its customs and beauty”

“…a magical, beautifully written coming of age story that celebrates the Eastern European treasure, Latvia”

“What struck me straight away, was how beautifully written this book is”

“The Accidental Cop”

Set at the end of the first post-Soviet decade, it’s a blend of noir crime and police procedural with psychological suspense elements.

Youth is supposed to be the best time of your life. But if you enter adulthood during the savage 90s, it can turn into your personal hell.

What readers say:

“I found this to be a fascinating portrait of a caring and conscientious police officer’s daily routine, including forensic investigation methods”

“I found this story interesting as it portrays police work in a European country after it gained it’s independence. Well done and worth a read for anyone who likes crime fiction”

Read more about my books under Eve’s Books.

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