“Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran

What a lovely, cosy, and heart-warming read it was! Just what I needed at the time when everyday routine seemed to have turned into an obstacle course.

“Enchanted by Cupid” by Susan Cochran is a perfect romance novel to enjoy before bedtime or on a lazy afternoon. Wrap yourself in your favourite blanket, make some tea or pour some wine, and devour this sweet story of love.

“Enchanted by Cupid” has all the ingredients for genre lovers. A sassy, independent heroine who doesn’t care about getting a wedding ring on her finger anytime soon. A drop-dead gorgeous sheriff deputy who saves ladies from bears lurking around the small town. A set of vivid and lovable minor characters. And beautiful Lake Tahoe as a gorgeous setting for the story.

I could relate to Kate’s love for hiking, for this is one of my favourite pastimes. I’ve hiked in places with breathtaking views, like Dorset and Cornwall in England and Norwegian fjords. Now, after experiencing hiking in the Lake Tahoe area through Kate’s eyes, I’ll be dreaming about setting foot on its paths one day too.

There are elements of suspense in the book, as well as more serious topics of mental health and family ties.

I recommend “Enchanted by Cupid” to everyone who wants to lose oneself in a beautiful love story.

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