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Savage 90s. In Latvia, many remember the first post-Soviet decade as the craziest time of their lives. Some managed to grab the chances to start making money through all kinds of illegal schemes. Not all of them got away with it. Still, those who did climbed even higher. By the arrival of the new millennium, they were respected businessmen, and their influence spread wide. Even into the law enforcement authorities.

Please meet Roberts Bergs. Youth is supposed to be the best time of your life. But if you enter adulthood during the savage 90s, it can turn into your personal hell.

His coursemates at the Police Academy dip their toes into adulthood while still living in the cocoon of their parental homes. For them, life is about parties, new experiences, and searching for their true self. For Roberts, it’s about poverty, hunger, and not being killed by a crazed drunkard with an axe during a patrol shift.

Beggars cannot be choosers, is Roberts’s motto. A patrolman of the Public Order Police patrol battalion isn’t his dream job. But it is better than not having one. Trudging through the grim slums of the city, his interest in arts, history, and literature is what sustains him.

Here is the snippet from “The Accidental Cop”:

“Who refused to run after the second bottle?” Roberts overheard one of his colleagues sneering. Two men, both seasoned patrolmen with years of experience and no wish to grow in the profession, had black eyes, and their faces were red and swollen from heavy drinking.

“Shut up, Reinis. We had enough booze.” One of them snapped, wincing at the sound of his voice. “We always do. It was Max with his demon kink again.”

Half of the men in the room roared with laughter.

“What demon kink?” A young guy who joined the platoon a few weeks ago asked.

“You gonna love this story.” Police Sergeant Reinis turned to the freshmen, eager to share the humiliating details.

“You’d better mind your own business, jerk,” Max muttered through gritted teeth. He squeezed through the crowd, grabbed the map card from the duty officer, and stormed out of the waiting room. His patrol partners, the ones with black eyes, quickly followed, one of them having shown a throat-slitting gesture before exiting.

“Was he drinking again?” Roberts asked Reinis.

The man guffawed. “Yeah – the third time in his life! And it almost ended up with the same blast as the previous two.”

Set in Latvia at the end of the first post-Soviet decade, “The Accidental Cop” is a blend of noir crime and police procedural with psychological suspense elements.

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon at 0.99.

Release date is April 7.

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